11 Amazing Ideas How To Use Your Home’s Corner Space

When we furnish our homes, we tend to concentrate very much on the middle of the room. What will come in the middle of the room, in the middle of the wall, etc.? We think of sofas and shelves above them and TVs that fit in the middle of the wall, dining tables, and centerpieces. But we rarely think of corners. At best, you just push things into the corner to get them out of the way. But corners can become incredibly useful if you actually take the trouble to pay attention to them and plan them as useful spaces. Here are 12 amazing ideas on how to use the space in the corner of your house.


1. Plant Corner

Most people put most of their plants on the windowsill, but you can easily store them in the corner next to the window. This way, you enliven the corner that would otherwise look sad and empty, and make room on the windowsill

2. Corner Shelves

If you think you don’t have enough space to display things, don’t think about corners. Corner shelves can be a great way to store or display things that you don’t want on the table or in your path, but still want to be easily accessible.

  1. corner bookcase

We don’t know if you know it, but there are corner bookcases, and they are amazing. If you have a lot of books, you should definitely think about using these corner shelves to display them. It looks much more interesting and doesn’t take up an entire wall.

  1. sink in the corner

We do not use the kitchen corners to full capacity for much time. If we use this space for a sink, it becomes functional, and under the sink, there is definitely enough space for all the pipes and a waste dispenser.

  1. corner drawers

You can really make the most of this corner space if you use a little creativity. Here’s a brilliant idea on how to make corner drawers in the kitchen to accommodate your long kitchen utensils and other things you might need

6. Coffee Machine Shelf

If you have limited space in the kitchen and think you don’t have enough for a coffee machine – here is a creative solution. Just add a small shelf in the corner and you have your own perfect coffee corner.

7. Corner Gallery

Everybody talks about gallery walls, they are very trendy, but not everyone has enough space at home to dedicate an entire wall just to picture frames. However, everyone has a free corner where they can display their photos and artwork.

8. Corner Work Space

Many people nowadays choose to work from a distance from home, and if you are one of them, you should know how important it is to have a desk. If you don’t have enough space for a desk, you can always create a corner workstation with a corner desk or even cleverly set up shelves.

9. Corner Closet

Cupboards do not have to be so huge and take up half the space. You can have a corner wardrobe or a corner hanging rail to store all your clothes without taking up much space. This way you always have your clothes in view and you don’t have to close and fill the room with a bug cabinet. The perfect solution for small one-room flats.

10. Corner Mudroom

If you have an empty corner in your hallway, why not turn it into a mini-mudroom? In this small area, you can easily hang wet umbrellas, hang up tote bags, and store shoes. And with a – albeit small – muddy corner, your whole house will be cleaner.

11. Drop Off Table

Everyone needs a small drop-off station next to their front door to temporarily store your most important things like keys, phones, wallets, etc. when you come home and take off your coat. And all you really need is a small corner and a small table to put there.

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