12 Ways to decorate with antiques in a modern style


Buying antiques or receiving antiques as a gift is a sure way to add warmth and personality to a room. But it is also important to integrate them with modern pieces so that a home does not resemble a stuffy museum. Here you can learn how to organically combine old and new.

1.use a vintage chest of drawers outside the bedroom. Inside, it may look like your grandmother’s room. Outside in the living room, it becomes a fancy TV console or a statement piece that serves as a prop.

2.paint your antique furniture in the same color as the wall it’s against so that it fits more organically into your room.

3.an antique carpet looks fantastic in a room as a centrepiece, so the rest of the pieces look sparse and modern, creating a beautiful juxtaposition and avoiding clutter.

4.pair a modern desk chair with a traditional antique desk for an automated executive office that belongs in a magazine.

5.the same applies to pair an antique table with contemporary dining room chairs. This works particularly well with large, wooden tables of the antique version.

6.be careful when combining antique and modern tables – mix hard with soft, round, square and long-legged with block-like for a dynamic, memorable aesthetic.

7.use a 19th century cupboard or secretary in unexpected rooms, rather than in the office, try it in your bathroom This provides extra storage space and an innovative look.

8.choose antiques that have a consistently timeless look, such as old photos hanging on the wall or shelf. The same applies to fine porcelain or Victorian teacups and silverware, presented in an updated way.

9. When considering other new furniture that matches the old ones, you should choose rich materials with a simple aesthetic that blends well with an antique style. Play with satinwood and other structured woods that often appear in antiques.

10.if your antiques are smaller centerpieces instead of bulky furniture, they will look beautiful when artfully placed on a fireplace mantle in a unique room.

11.lighting creates atmosphere, so place antiques and a modern lamp side by side or vice versa – add an antique chandelier or another lamp in an otherwise modern room.

12. If you are looking for a good antique chair, remember that a comfortable chair combined with a minimalist, modern side table or bookcase is great for a reading corner.

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